Company Karma

In THORNICO we call Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR); Company Karma.

By Christian Stadil, Owner of THORNICO A/S

"We live in a world that becomes increasingly smaller, more transparent and interconnected. Due to primarily the globalization we act as companies, which is also the case for the THORNICO companies, more global and produce and sell worldwide. Furthermore, the invention of the fiber network, PC and of course the Internet has reinforced this trend.

One can choose to see this connectednedss as something negative or, as we think, as something positive; we use it to draw us closer to the people we work with, to ‘tear down silos’ and think more holistically of the things we do. We do this in our companies and work groups by giving ownership and activly encourage increased involvement and shared leverage with customers, partners and other branches. So you can call company karma a kind of CSR version 3.0 where we try to, where possible, think more holistically, in a 4 x win where our companies, customers, partners and a cause, in which we believe and find important, all benefit. Especially in terms of the climate and the local environment.

It is our intention that Company Karma becomes an integrated part in all our companies and all businesses in which we operate. We have initiated the process and have come far in some companies - in others the process has just begun."

Learn about our CSR initiatives by clicking here. 

Christian Stadil has written the book
Company Karma together with professor in Management Steen Hildebrandt


For information about a Company Karma conference please contact the High Performance Institute via

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